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    Louis is here

    Louis here. . .Well Christmas is upon us and WOW! Mom has decorated the house, took all my regular toys and hid them, she doesn't want me to have excess to my stuff to bury.  Put all my holiday toys in my toy box.  I now have my Rudolf the red nose whatever it is, my Hannuka fish, my Santa moose, etc.  I keep checking out the closet where my other toys are stored.  Can't for the life of me figure why she took them away! But she must have a purpose in mind.  Anyway, Mom is busy making food for her open house. We have a lot of people here and I get to visit with my friends.  Also, I keep the floor clean.  Whenever someone drops something, I am right there to pick it up and eat it! Mom got me a new Christmas collar this year.  Has bells on it and it is red and white.  Well, you know me with noise.  Hate it!  So I shook my head a few times, and all the bells came off!  Guess they were not sewn on very good.  Much nicer without the noise. The weather here now has cooled down quite a bit.  Was in the 80's last week, but now in the 60's.  Big difference.  I sit in the sun now and try to keep warm when I am outside, but spend most of my evenings now in the house.  Too cold out! I am a fair weather dog.  If it's not fair out, I don't go! There is a present under the tree for me.  Wonder what it is?  I already sent my cousin Jax his presents.  I got him a Dog Pedro bottle.  It's a take on Tequila, and since he is a Mexican Chihuahua, I thought it was appropriate.  Also I got him a shirt that says I love my mommy.  Cause he does!  And a Reindeer toy that squeaks!  I am sure he will love it.  Paulette, my buddy next door got me a bone that says "chewy Vuitton".  It squeaks too!  Just love those squeaky toys.  Drives Mom and Dad nuts, but oh well, some of the things they do drive me nuts!  Such as Dad's tools.  Most of them make noise.  When I see him coming into the house with tools in his hands, I run under the bed.  He always makes some kind of noise with them.  And Mom, when she cooks, she has all these machines in the kitchen that make noise.  Even the garbage disposal.  When she puts lemons or big stuff in it, it makes a lot of noise! Went to the Vet yesterday, for my annual checkup and my pedicure.  The vet said I was a very healthy dog!  I could have told her that.  I am in good shape.  I run everyday, eat right, and have a good life with no stress in it.  I may live to 100!  In dog years that is! Anyway after the visit, Mom stopped at the dog park for me.  Wow, did I have fun, ran all over it with new friends and had a ball.  Different one than I usually go to, but great anyway. They planted lawn this year, last year there was no lawn just dirt!  Made my feet dirty.  I like to be clean.  I am not like most dogs, who like to roll in the dirt.  Not me, give me grass anyday! Well that's all for now, see you next month.  Hope you had a happy holiday and on to 2013.  

    Posted 2013-01-29


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